Offer A Unique Stocking Stuffer This Year: Skin Brushes From Sublime Beauty®

Offer a Skin Brush as a stocking stuffer, and help improve the wellness of a loved one this year.

Everyone looks for unique Stocking Stuffers. Why not consider a Skin Brush from Sublime Beauty® this year?

“Many are discovering Skin Brushing, and we are thrilled as it delivers great benefits,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. “Models and actresses rave about it, and once you try, you are hooked.”

Why is Body Brushing popular, and how does it improve wellness?

1) Skin Brushing removes toxins and dead cells from the skin so it can function properly. Remember, the skin is the largest body organ, and brushing daily helps keep it optimal and beautiful.

2) Skin Brushing boosts blood circulation, and this is helpful and invigorating. Delivering nutrients through the blood is key to wellness.

3) Body Brushing also helps move the lymphatic system along, which does not have a natural pump. This keeps the immune system strong and helps guard against getting sick.

4) Cellulite and ingrown hairs and on the defensive with Skin Brushing.

There are even more reasons why this practice is excellent and HOW TO tips and instruction on the Sublime Skin Brushing website.

Sublime offers three brushes on its webstore and on Amazon:

  • a long handled brush that was recently featured on a morning tv show
  • a portable brush in pouch featured in Glamour Magazine
  • delicate Face Brushes

ABOUT: Sublime Beauty® is a quality skincare company that focuses on products to “Age Younger”. Ingredients help to boost collagen, hydrate, relax wrinkles and improve skin. A niche includes healthy Skin Brushes. The company webstore offers free standard shipping and a VIP Club. Sign up for Secret Sales on the site. Products also available on Amazon

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